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Immigration laws

Immigration laws

The department of immigration

The field of immigration law in Israel is complicated, diverse, challenging and unique. Legal consult on matters related to immigration law can be required both in business-financial aspects (expert migration, employment of foreign workers etc), and in personal aspects of individual law (such as the gradual procedure, arrangement of status for a foreign spouse, marriages between Israelis and foreign residents, elderly parents etc).
This is one of the most dynamic legal fields, often given to dramatic changes due to legislation, regulation, circular letters, precedential judgments, appeals (accepted or rejected), security events, political revenues and more.
Amit Gross & Co law office is one of the leading offices in Israel in this field of immigration laws. First, our office specializes in assisting its clients in business aspects as well. They consist of issues such as employing foreign workers, migrating foreign experts to Israel, guidance throughout the entire employment term in a manner that meets legal requirements, finding and applying creative solutions for many challenges related to the employment of foreigners in Israel, ongoing representation with governmental offices and authorities in all of the issues related to getting employment permits for foreigners and foreign experts in Israel, submitting administrative appeals and appeals to the courts against governmental decisions and more.
In addition the department also handles personal aspects related to status arrangement, representation with the population authority in procedures for shared lives that are not marriages (including same sex), humanitarian boards, paternity and registration, marriage between Israelis and foreign residents, relocation in Israel (and the United States) and more.

The services of the office include:
Wide range of specialty in experts migration in areas such as industry, high-tech, sports, defense, medicine, advanced agriculture and more.

Representation of employers on matters related to immigration with governmental authorities and local municipalities.

Representation with authorities and all legal courts: population authority, court of appeals, administrative courts, the supreme court, custodial courts and more.

Conducting internal reviews that simulate reviews of governmental authorities

Handling criminal procedures related to illegal employment of foreigners

Representation of nursing employers including elderly housings, nursing homes, nursing companies, human resource companies and private employers.

Arranging a status in Israel and legal services for all visas and entry permits.

Uniting foreign families upon arranging a status of a couple under the gradual procedure, partners, children, etc.

Our customers consist of –
The services of Amit Gross & Co law office are bound in legal solutions we provide the Israeli market in the aspect of employment. The office consistently represents public companies in high tech and industry, dozens of factories on various industries, food chains, marketing chains, restaurants (including most of the Asian restaurants in Israel), nursing homes and elderly housings, human resource companies in fields of cleaning and maintenance, construction companies, construction contractors and more.

Our customers enjoy a team of experts of about 10 lawyers led by Amit Gross, founding partner in Doron, Tikotsky, Kantor, Gutman, Ness, Amit Gross & Co office (of the largest, leading offices in Israel).

Immigration laws

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Labor | Franchising | Commercial laws

The department of labor laws in Amit Gross & Co office specializes in the representation of employers. Our customers are small and medium business owners, as well as private companies, public companies and large corporations.
Amit Gross & Co law office is one of the leading offices in Israel in franchising law. We constantly guide the best of the top franchising chains in Israel, and we stand by dozens of clients in different industries.
The commercial department in Amit Gross & Co law office specializes in representing small and medium business owners, and has proven, rich experience in the catering and retail industries.