Amit Gross & Co. Law office

In labor law, the office specializes in representing employers and its customers consist of small and medium businesses as well as private companies, corporations, public companies and chains with many branches. Our unique expertise in labor law in Israel is based on multi disciplinary knowledge that binds legal service with business familiarity, in order to refine a custom made solution that allows the continuity of the financial and business activity.

The labor law department assists its customers both in individual issues (such as suits in the labor court or criminal procedures against the business), and on the routine level such as legal consult that analyzes the activity and routine conduction of the business/organization/company.

We specialize in franchising law and deal a lot with managing legal-business crises that occur in the relationships between chains, franchises and employees. We strive to construct reasonable, realistic solutions for complex and challenging situations as well.

Our office is one of the leading offices in Israel in immigration laws and it specializes in assisting private and business customers. Issues include expert migration, employment of foreign workers, ongoing representation with authorities and government offices, getting employment permits for foreign workers and external professionals, submitting administrative appeals and appeals to courts and representation in all the relevant courts and tribunes. In addition, the department also handles personal aspects of immigration laws including arranging a foreign spouse status, representation with the authority of population, humanitarian associations, marriage between Israelis and foreign residents, paternity and registration, relocation in Israel and more.

Our office has a commercial department that represents employers and provides its customers with various services such as preparing agreements and different contracts including partnership agreements, founder agreements, establishment of companies, company disassembly, legal-business consult on real estate aspects, litigation in all courts, administrative law and more. The holistic response is given while binding the commercial department with other departments in the office.

The customers in the office come from various and diverse industries including food marketing, restaurants, fashion, sports, construction, health, industry, human resource, cleaning, nursing homes, elderly housing and more. The legal services are given to the chains, franchises, and for small and medium businesses that consider to expand.